About us

Medicine research involves research in a wide range of fields, such as biology, chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology with the goal of developing new medicines or medical procedures or improving the application of those already available. Medicine Research projects help premeds in various ways, according to medical school admissions experts. Through research, aspiring doctors can better understand and appreciate medical science, and develop important skills such as the ability to decipher research findings and papers. Research is conducted using the scientific method.

The medical researchers play a vital role in public health as they perform scientific investigations to deepen the understanding of diseases. As a medical researcher in INSTAR Lab, your job can involve designing studies, collecting and analyzing data and helping with policy formulation. It's important to have more information about the qualification requirements and duties of the medical researcher because the researchers in INSTAR Lab helps in designing experiments for medicines and studies to understand and solve human health problems related to medicine and disease.

We at INSTAR Lab facilitate an environment of innovation and collaboration to support novel approaches to the understanding, treatment and prevention of human disease. With some of the greatest basic and clinical scientists from across the globe, we promote an atmosphere of discovery and collaboration across different departments of medical research present in INSTAR Lab. Researchers of INSTAR Lab plays role in collecting, organizing and analyzing data from experiments and studies as well as compiling and maintaining records of research findings, such as clinical trials.

INSTAR Lab follows and enforces health and safety protocols to prevent contamination and infections because cleanliness is the first step towards medicine research work. The INSTAR Lab is on the top of the list in staying up to date with government regulatory requirements while handling biohazardous materials. The Lab writes reports to record and share knowledge from research. INSTAR Lab is working with pharmacists and other health care providers to determine and standardize medication doses, potency and administration methods before mass production. We believe that quantity and quality in medicines matters a lot as we care for the life of all humans. INSTAR LAB assess medicine issues critically, understand and develop strategies to solve them.

Medical researcher in INSTAR Lab knows how important it is to know the different resources available for solving problems and achieving goals. Therefore, we carefully analyze it and utilize it. We perform research to create new medical devices or improve existing models to promote health care service delivery. INSTAR Lab is seeking funding to support medical research as it is teaching students on laboratory processes, research methods and techniques. We ensure that students and other researchers follow safety procedures and dispose of waste materials professionally.